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Scrum Success: Tales of an early stage agile experiment (Featuring Shaun Bradley)


Scrum Success: Tales of an early stage agile experiment (Featuring Shaun Bradley)

Shaun Bradley, a UK-based Agile Coach, transmits his voice across the pond to discuss the trials & tribulations of getting started with Agile in an organization, including how he kind-of, sort-of, but not really, invented Scrum on his own.

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Agile and Scrum Certifications: Are they worth the investment?

Certifications are all the rage in the agile product development world. But do they actually make you a better agile coach? Will they help you to accelerate your career as a scrum master? Which certification is the right one for you? In this episode, we discuss the pros/cons of various certifications so you can choose which one is best for you!

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The History of Agile and Scrum: Where did it come from, and why are we still waterfall?

Have you wondered where this thing called Agile came from or why companies seem to struggle with adopting Scrum practices in their organizations? In this episode, we'll talk about the history of how we ended up here, why companies are still struggling to transition to product-based software delivery, and some thoughts on how they (and we) might be able to evolve and move beyond the Golden Age of Waterfall. Sir Isaac Newton said it best, "It's by standing on the shoulders of giants." Let's reflect on the history of Agile.

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Leadership: A skill the US Military gets right and corporate America still has to learn

You've heard the cliches - the military is filled with ruthless leaders who want to hammer down their subordinates into submission. Drew's experience in the US Navy suggests that this isn't true at all. In reality, the military's approach to leadership is far more kinder and gentler when compared with corporate America. In this episode, Drew shares his experiences on both sides of the fence and highlights how focusing on your employees as people helps to create a platoon of highly successful knowledge workers.

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Scrum Master 201: Tips, tricks and insights to help your company shift from project to product

Scrum Masters are now more than just a servant leader. In Agile environments: They are coaches, mentors, and facilitators. This week's guest, Mariya Padalko, has been a big proponent of this topic for a long time. Join us to learn what it means to move from a project-based organization to a product-based organization, and how Scrum Masters can help facilitate the transition while building amazing development teams!

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Lean Flow: Brad's Lessons from Lean Manufacturing

We all know that the roots of agile can be traced back to Lean Manufacturing principles, but that's often not a major focus of most scrum master training.  In this episode, Drew interviews Brad to discuss how his past hands-on experiences while working on a manufacturing line have enhanced his ability to visualize Lean Flow and uncanny sense of efficiency.

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Let's fight like gentleman, how dare you call me an agile purist!

In this episode, we invite you to a round of light-hearted teasing and poking at Agile Purists, or as we like to call them: Agile Poindexters and Agile Hipsters. Are there people who practice Agile that way? You bet your sweet agile bottom there are. Are they the majority of the people in the agile world? Absolutely not. Join us to learn what it's like to be on the receiving end of being called an agile purist, as well as how to avoid being called this heinous insult in the first place.

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Podcast Introduction: What's this agile podcast all about anyway?!

Hello, and welcome to our very first episode! In this episode, Drew Podwal and Brad Nelson introduce themselves, provide a bit of honest transparency into their learning journey towards starting a podcast, as well as ripping off the proverbial band-aid, so they could just launch the MVP for The Agile For Agilists podcast.  This one ain't super pretty, but if you're listening to this, then it means we did something right!

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The Agile For Agilists Podcast is about helping you to become a better agile leader.

We’re Brad and Drew, and we’ve been practicing agile for a long time. Over the years, we’ve noticed that most agile podcasts focus on high-level concepts in near-mythical, hyper-idealized working conditions. They don’t talk about the real world struggles that occur in the trenches of software delivery cycles, or give you tangible insight into how to incrementally shift the needle from project-based delivery to product-based delivery.

We decided to change that. We started The Agile For Agilists Podcast with one goal: to help you become a better agile leader by providing honest conversations with scrum masters, agile coaches, product owners and product managers who want to grow their skills and improve their processes with every episode.

Whether you’re a scrum master, an agile coach, a product owner, product manager, developer or even a business stakeholder, we’ve got conversations for you!


Hello there! You might be thinking, “Who are these guys? And why should I listen to them?” Well, we’re just like you actually.

We taken the call to agile action and have been relentlessly helping companies improve their agile capabilities for years. We’ve seen the struggles and barriers that many of you are facing, and we want to provide a new way to bring you real insight into some of the most challenging aspects of software delivery. 

Brad and Drew are just two agile-passionate professionals, who want to host and participate in great conversations that as the manifest states, “uncover better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.”  We’ve been doing this for years and we know through first hand experience how it feels to sit at the center of the chaos that ignites during an early phase agile transformation. We know how it feels when, “if only my stakeholder would start doing things, like the scrum guide says!” 

We know your frustration!


Brad and Drew’s friendship grew from an unexpected place: an interview for a potential position at Brad’s company. While the position wasn’t a good fit, they quickly hit it off, discussing the agile world and need for improved agile evangelism. 

During the pandemic, they found that the quarantine had not only unblocked their ability to connect with other agilists, it actually  strengthened relationships resulting in deep meaningful connections with other insightful agilists. The result was that it accelerated their development of new innovative ways of improving their agile capabilities.  Drew lamented, “if only I had recorded some of those conversations, I would alredy have a podcast released by now!”  It was in that moment that they realized that they were onto something special. Brad and Drew realized that all that it would take to create a podcast would be to record their future conversations and post them publicly online.  We could invite guests to join us from time to time and exchange ideas, and experience. From there it was just a few short weeks before they recorded their first episode.

In each episode of The Agile For Agilists Pocast, you’ll find a heightened level of authenticity.  We don’t cover up the mistakes, and we’re not ashamed to admit when we’re learning new concepts.  We know that we’re not perfect, but we’ve committed to Shu-Ha-Rei and we hope that you’ll join us for this journey.