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The Agile For Agilists Podcast has one goal in mind: to have great Agile conversations.

Have you ever had a deep or inspiring conversation with a friend, colleague, or new acquaintance and thought to yourself, “I wish I had recorded that?” Well, we’ve had that same thought, and it was the inspiration for The Agile For Agilists Podcast.

We’re Brad and Drew, and we’ve had a lot of great conversations with even greater people over the years, and now we’re capturing that lightning in a bottle in audio format and beaming it over space and time to your preferred podcast streaming provider.

Tune in for in-depth and honest conversations about agile values, principles, practices, tools, methodologies, and frameworks. Through these discussions we frequently visit the related topics of product management, design thinking, leadership, software development, and we even touch on things like philosophy, psychology, and ethics.

While there is a ton of theory covered in our episodes, we try to share practical and applicable content based on our experiences in the field, because we have yet to find that mythical company that does everything by the book.

And don’t worry, you won’t only be hearing from us, because we frequently invite industry leaders to help us dig deeper into specialized topics that challenge us with new ways of thinking and working, so that we can learn right along with you, the listener.

Whether you’re a scrum master, an agile coach, a product owner, product manager, developer, people manager or even a business stakeholder, we’ve got topics for you! So join Brad and Drew for great Agile conversations on The Agile For Agilists Podcast.

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First released in January of 2023, production on the podcast started in October of 2022.

Owner, producer, sound editor, administration, content writing, design, marketing, operations, tooling, and development shared by Drew Podwal and Brad Nelson.

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Podcast introduction by Josh Smith featuring the US Army Blues.

Guest appearances from Mariya Padalko, Shaun Bradley, Ken L. Lewis, Amanda Rae Arseneau, Diego von Sohsten, Sina Jazayeri, Patty Aluskewicz, Ron Quartel, Todd Hallowell, Elizabeth O’Neill, Dom Michalec, Kevin McClure, Andy Cleff, Jason Little, Ken Rickard, Daniel Vacanti, Jon Fazzaro, Holly Acre, Quincy Jordan, Larry Apke, James Grenning, Jon Kern, Esther Derby.