The Agile For Agilists Podcast

The Real Trickle-Down Economics Part I: A Cog In The Machine

I often hear companies say that their people are their most valuable asset, and yet they are the first thing to be cut and the last thing they invest in. Treated like a renewable resource, labeled COGS (cost of goods sold), and then organizations wonder why employee engagement, which has rarely been above a third of all employees, is on the decline (See: U.S. Employee Engagement Slump Continues).

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The Ugly Reality of Agile and DevOps

The Agile and DevOps world is plagued by confusion, misinformation, and #FakeNews due to the industry’s obsession with tools and processes which have led to a grave misunderstanding of these concepts. Further exacerbated by snake oil salesmen and the certification industry. In this article we expose the fallacy of treating Agile and DevOps as mere checklists for “best” practices, and urge you to break free from the tool trap in order to embrace the true essence of agility.

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